Why does everyone have to be an Authority in their niche?

One of the dumbest things to hit the internet was the unwritten rule that everyone has to be an Authority in their niche.

For me I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none. I have advertising sites, bush crafting sites, news sites, comedy sites, 4×4 sites, gaming sites, and many others in many different niches and their is no way I can possibly be an Authority in all of them nor do I want to be.

i choose to run many sites because I love creating but I wouldn’t sit there and pretend to know everything.

its always amazed me how people can be so passionate about their niche. For me I’d go brain dead writing about one thing all the time. Even my site about me imrandell.com makes my head hurt when I write post after post.

it goes further than just knowing everything about your niche and pretending to be something your not, you then need to write wordy posts like a wine expert expressing every minor detail when you could have said what you needed to say in 100 words.

bloggers know people skim read yet they insist on writing 3000 words to explain how to wash a dog for example.

when they could have said use dog soap and water don’t get it In their eyes.

why its all gotten to this point is a simple answer really. Competition! For Google’s top spot.

Bloggers are writing to please google not the reader and if things continue this way the internet will be filled with pompous asses in another 15 years it’s already well on the way.

i guess that’s why Im really enjoying oxaus.com right now it’s a breath of fresh air for me, a place to just talk and not be anything other than me.

so my answer to the question is you don’t have to be an Authority but with that said people have come to expect that now. For example if you came here for the title your probably stressing thinking of your website wondering how do I get more traffic or make sales or do I need to be an Authority and maybe your not sure if you can trust my answer. And your probably questioning my answer because you don’t know me and I’m not an authority on this subject. So that really is contradictory to my answer lol.

i personally think being human is far more important than being an authority but Google will have you think otherwise.

but as I said people have come to expect an authority, you wouldn’t go to site about golf to learn how to wash a dog.

But I strongly believe people can know lots of things about lots of things. So not being an authority gives you much more flexibility and you only need to be human and real with your readers And let them make up their minds and choose if they want to believe you.

have a good day mates.

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