Well well well

Here we are back to it again. I’ve owned this domain since 2015. And will own it well into the future. But in fairness this domain has seen many changes over the years.

orginally startibg it’s life as a oxwall site back in 2015 for the Australian community But soon after its creation I moved away from oxwall social networking opensource project.

in the years that passed I’ve tried many things for this domain, most recently was a dating site or meeting place for people to connect but that crashed and failed very fast pulling up 500 errors in the first month.

however this domain has a special place in my heart 💓 and is used mainly for link shorting found on oxaus.com/go its a private link shortening service I use for all of my blogs.

I now run all my sites from a mobile phone so time to write blogs is very limited and time consuming on a mobile device.

I’ll try breath a little bit of life into the blog with the limited time I have but I’m not going to make any promises.

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