The Mighty Lenovo Chromebook Is Awesome

lenovo chromebook

This is not a review but more my opinion on the Lenovo Chromebook, This post will never get any traction on the internet because this blog is not a tech blog. However, i did want to say that i recently picked up a lenovo chromebook and the thing is bloody awesome.

Ive been using an andriod device for the last few weeks to run all my websites and i must admit it’s quite a bit of work to run as many websites as i do using just a mobile.

I think the hardest thing was coding on a mobile, talk about a total PITA.

But today after pulling my hair out trying todo something that just had to be done i decided it was time to pick up a new device that i could use to run my websites.

I settled on the 247$AUD lenovo Chromebook, and OMG this thing is packed with features.

It’s got everything i need to run my empire and more.

If your not a huge gamer and just use your computer to surf the web and watch Videos then consider picking yourself up a chromebook because these things come jammed packed with cool features and more than enough power to do almost anything you want online.

I honestly wish i grabbed it weeks ago.

I’m not going to list off a whole bunch of specs but you can see everything it’s got by visiting a local officeworks.

Best 250$ ive spent huge bang for buck.

Add it to your wishlist or consider it as a present xmas is just around the corner.

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