About Us

G'day and welcome to Oxaus Paste Anonymous text hosting.

Over the years this domain has seen many changes but none more important that this most recent one.

We have changed our site to a pastebin of sorts kinda site. Allowing people to anonymously host text documents and code files.

You can share anything so long as it's in text form. such as prayers, ad copy, code, scripts, top secrete files etc.. 

You can also set how long a file is alive, password lock and even burn on read.

I'm sure a lot of cool stuff will go on here, so what ever you do have fun everyone and enjoy.

For the most part this is a free service, and it's more a side fun project for me because i share code snippets alot.
I am always working on some script or website and it's really handy having my own pastebin to share snippets with clients.

You dont need an account here to use OXAUS Paste! Hoverever registration is fast and easy it will also allow you to 
make text files private, track views of pastes, see all your pastes and delete your pastes.

Feel free to use this website to host YOUR text documents because I know I will. 

have a great day and code on!.

OXAUS can store text, source code or sensitive data for a set period of time Anonymously.

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