How The Internet Has Changed!

How the internet has changed over the last few years. When I started using the internet years ago when I was 13 times where much simpler. None of this garbage https nonsense and HTML and CSS was all you needed to create a good website. Everything was done by hand and coding was easy.

but over the last few years a focus on privacy, changes in coding languages and the competition have made the internet somewhat of an impossible venture for most.

all you needed in the past was a simple html webpage you added text files to and that was more than enough to generate tons of quality traffic. In the past people where actively looking for cool stuff to read or communities to join. Now you are lucky to be able to build a following using the old methods.

things have progressed in such a way it’s created a see of bots and ghosts, everyone is in a rush and noone is really paying attention.

it amazes me that I’ve managed to stick at is this long to be truthful, but my passion for what the internet is and maybe was keeps me moving forward and holding on to old memories.

sadly the good days are gone and are never coming back. With billions of websites online and Google the gate keeper owning the monopoly you really need to be be using YouTube a blog is really quite outdated with the youth.

times have changed but I love my corner of the internet and even if no one ever reads what I have to say I’m gonna keep doing things my way.

leave a comment below if you miss the old days.

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