Evan Van Ness Takes a Swing, Accidentally Hits Himself in the Face

Oh, Evan Van Ness, you never fail to entertain us with your outlandish claims and half-baked arguments. In his recent attempt at being the class clown of the crypto world, Van Ness tried to stir up some drama by pointing out that Base, a new Layer 2 chain, has overtaken Cardano in Total Value Locked (TVL). But, oh boy, did he miss the mark!

Van Ness seemed to have missed the memo that comparing apples to oranges doesn’t really make for a compelling argument. Sure, Base managed to secure a TVL of $193.56 million, and kudos to them for that achievement. But to pit it against Cardano, a project with broader goals and ongoing developments, is like comparing a scooter to a spaceship and claiming the scooter is winning the space race.

Van Ness seemed to get a kick out of calling Cardano a “zombie chain.” Really, Evan? You want to throw around dramatic labels while ignoring the bigger picture? Cardano’s positioning as a “zombie chain” conveniently overlooks its ambitious roadmap and relentless efforts to bring real-world use cases to the blockchain space. It’s like Van Ness tried to judge a cooking competition based on how the contestants tied their shoelaces.

Of course, Base has its lineup of applications like BaseSwap, SwapBased, and Stargate. But before we start throwing confetti, let’s remember that Cardano also boasts its own set of top-performing dApps like Minswap, Indigo, and Liqwid. It’s like Van Ness stumbled upon a dessert buffet and decided to declare the brownies the champions while ignoring the cheesecake, just because it fit his narrative.

Maybe Van Ness missed the memo about Cardano’s collaboration with governments and institutions, aiming to bring blockchain to the masses. Or perhaps he overlooked the fact that Cardano’s TVL isn’t the only metric that matters in assessing the project’s potential. But hey, who needs context when you can craft a sensational headline, right?

So, here’s to you, Evan Van Ness, for once again providing us with a good laugh. Your attempt at making Cardano look like a “zombie chain” only served to remind us that sometimes, the loudest voices in the room don’t necessarily have the most substance. Keep up the entertaining work, and please, don’t forget to bring the popcorn next time!