Classic Australian Stories And Bushcraft

Major Les Hiddens Served In Vietnam And When he returned he pressed the army for a new role gathering intel on wild edibles found in Australia. The army funded his research and the rest is history.

I grew up watching les as a child and it’s no wonder I love bushcraft and the outback as a grown man.

Video Description

Les follows various clues across Australia to investigate an intriguing report. According to the report, a Dutch colony was set up in Central Australia following a ship wreck on the west coast. If the stories and their dates were true, it would mean Europeans had settled in Australia 100 years before the First Fleet. ‘Bush Tucker Man: The Dutch Settlement’ originally aired on the ABC in 1996. Cultural note: This video may contain terms or views that were acceptable within mainstream Australian culture at the time it aired, but may no longer be considered appropriate. Subscribe βœ… and tap the notification bell πŸ”” to be delivered Australian stories every day:

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